Welcome to the Docker project homepage!

Below you will find links and information pertaining to the Docker open source project.

Source code: github.com/docker/docker

Documentation: docs.docker.com

Mailing Lists

Used for support.
Dedicated to development discussions.
An announcement list for the Docker Engine and Docker Hub.

IRC Channels

A channel for Docker users to help each other and get support.
A channel for people hacking on Docker.
Channel for conversations between Docker Maintainers that are publically readable.
A channel for Docker Swarm.
Networking and plugin-related discussion for Docker.
A channel for the Offical Docker images maintainers.
A channel for Docker machine.

Master Binaries

Help test the master build of Docker by downloading binaries at master.dockerproject.org. The binaries are updated with each commit to the master branch of Docker.

Master Docs

A special site that pushes the docs from the master branch of Docker is in place at docs.master.dockerproject.org. This helps you use that cool new feature from the Master Binaries above.